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CALL FOR PAPERS for the International Journal of Disability, Community & Rehabilitation (IJDCR): What Sorts of People Should There Be?

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                                      for the International Journal of Disability, Community & Rehabilitation (IJDCR)

What Sorts of People Should There Be?

 Guest Editor

Gregor Wolbring, Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, Dept. of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary 




Throughout history, people with non-normative abilities have been judged. Sometimes this judgment led to positive consequences, however for the most part these non-normative abilities were judged negatively and the carriers of such non-normative abilities experienced disabling treatment.   This very judgment (ableism) and its disabling consequences is one of the main areas of scholarly work within the realm of disability studies. Eugenics, the practice of finding ways to better heritable abilities of humans, is one dynamic that influences the judgment of people’s abilities and the disabling consequences and vice versa.


What sorts of people should there be is a question that has been asked and answered in different ways throughout human history, is still a question asked and answered today and will be with us also for some time in the future. 


Advances in science and technology will allow new judgments and actions linked to the sentiment around the question of what sorts of people there should be. 


In partnership with the SSHRC-CURA-funded project “Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada” (eugenicsarchive.ca), the Editors of IJDCR would like to devote a special issue on this topic. 

We invite potential contributors, regardless of fields of study (discipline), to submit 250-word abstracts that articulate the conceptual arguments and knowledge base to be covered in a critical analysis on various aspects from history to future of “What sorts of people should there be”.


Please submit abstracts to the Guest Editor via e-mail at gwolbrin[at]ucalgary.ca  by 15 July, 2012


From selected abstracts, we will request full articles of 3000-5000 words (excluding figures and tables) of original research and scholarship on a range of topics to be submitted to the editor by 15 October 2012. Note that an invitation to submit an article does not guarantee its publication.


Every submitted article will be subject to blind peer review and recommendations arising.


As to possible areas linked to the theme the below is a sample list of possible topics


  • What sorts of people should be born
  • What sorts of people should live
  • What sorts of people should be citizens
  • What sorts of people should compete
  • What sorts of people….


We invite authors to investigate the history, contemporary use and potential future exhibition of the relationships between the core question “What sorts of people should there be” and such issues as:


  • disabled people and what it means to be ‘disabled’,
  • the community around them
  • practitioners, consumers and researchers linked to the disability discourse
  • community rehabilitation and the rehabilitation field in general
  • inclusive education and the education of disabled people in general
  • the future of education
  • employability of disabled people
  • citizenship of disabled people
  • global citizenship
  • body image of disabled people
  • medical and social health policies and their impact on disabled people
  •  health care for disabled people
  • elderly people, youthism and ageism
  • disabled people in low income countries
  • laws and international conventions related to disabled people such as the UN      Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities
  • the concept of personhood
  • concept of health and health care
  • the measure of disability adjusted life years and other measurements used to guide health care dollar allocation
  • quality of life assessment
  • history
  • future
  • science and technology governance
  • science and technology assessment
  • ethics
  • enhancement

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International Journal of Disability, Community & Rehabilitation


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Dr Gregor Wolbring

Associate Professor, University of Calgary,

Faculty of Medicine,

Dept. of Community Health Sciences, Specialization Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, 

3330 Hospital Drive NW, T2N4N1, Calgary, Alberta , Canada

Email: gwolbrin[at]ucalgary.ca

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