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Able Rapists, Disabled Victim

In Ableism and Law, Disability on December 3, 2008 at 10:37 pm

The police described the crime as gruesome and indicated that the perpetrators showed no sign of remorse. The victim ia now a young woman of 16, but she had been raped repeatedly, over a period of years, since she was much younger by her own grandfather and three of her uncles. All four men were convicted in a Korean Court, earlier this year in one of the worst cases of child sexual abuse on record.  

Judge Oh Jun-keun handed down his sentence to shocked court room. All four men were given suspended sentences. In explaining the sentence, the judge expressed sympathy for the “able” men who been caregivers for this “disabled” child, and suggested suspended sentences were in order so that they could continue to provide care for her. Again, it appears that disabled equals devalued.

Perhaps the one positive aspect of this story is that the Korean public has been outraged by these sentences. Tens of thousands have registered their protest and are calling for impeachment of the judge. Prosecutors are attempting to appeal the sentence. 

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