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Second INSPIRe conference

In General inquiry into, application and development of Ableism Ethics and Governance on June 16, 2013 at 1:17 pm

2nd  Annual INSPIRe Virtual Symposium September 8-21, 2013

International Network of Student Perspectives IResearch

Illuminating the world through student research, networking and discussion

“Exploring ability expectations through diverse disciplines and topics”

Call for papers see here DEADLINE 30 JULY 2013

The students who are involved are Eniola Salami (Supervisor Jesse Hendrikse); Kassie Shave (Supervisor Bonnie Lashewicz) and Jennifer CheungRachel MacKay,

Bushra Abdullah, Sonum Panesar, Theresa Rybchinski, Angelica Martin, Kalie Mosig,Lucy Diep, Jacqueline Noga (current students of mine), Sophya Yumakulov, (alumni undergraduate researcher of mine still involved with the WolbPack).