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The underground world of “neuroenhancing” drugs.

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by Margaret Talbot April 27, 2009

Every era has its defining drug. Neuroenhancers are perfectly suited for our
efficiency-obsessed, BlackBerry-equipped office culture.

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Stimulants; Smart Drugs; Underground

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Cognitive Disability conference podcasts

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Human-frog hybrids reveal autism’s secrets

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Human-frog hybrids might reveal the neurological secrets of autism. By fusing cells from the preserved brains of deceased autistic patients with the eggs of a carnivorous African frog called Xenopus, scientists have started investigating the way the brain cells of people with autism behave.
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What sorts of people? Empathy deficit disorder — do you suffer from it?

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What Sorts of Paralympics? A Disabled Swimmer’s Dream, a Mother’s Fight

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Its about a swimmer with cerebral palsy and developmental differences. An excerpt

“Mr. Kendall Bailey, an athlete who is a citizen of the USA and eligible to represent the USA in international competition, is inappropriately classified to compete in International Paralympic Committee (IPC) swimming competition. Mr. Bailey is intellectually disabled. The intellectual disability classification for swimming (S14) is not presently recognized by the IPC; nor is an intellectually disabled swimmer eligible to compete under the IPC Swimming Functional Classification System.”

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