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Eye, arm, & leg prostheses, cyborgs, eyeborgs, Deus Ex, and ableism « FrogHeart

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Eye, arm, & leg prostheses, cyborgs, eyeborgs, Deus Ex, and ableism « FrogHeart.

A lot of Enhancement

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Two recent issues of Journal of Evolution and Technology (JET)
link here
Becoming More Than Human: Technology and the Post-Human Condition Special Issue (Volume 19 Issue 1)

Intro: Sky Marsen “Introduction”

1-2: Cory Doctorow: “Leaving Behind More Than a Knucklebone”

3-7: Patrick D. Hopkins: “A Moral Vision for Transhumanism”

8-16: William Sims Bainbridge: “Cognitive Expansion Technologies”

17-27: Samuel H. Kenyon: “Would You Still Love Me If I Was A Robot?”

28-34: Riccardo Campa: “Pure Science and the Posthuman Future”

35-41: Gregory E. Jordan: “The Invention of Man: A Response to C. S. Lewis’ The Abolition of Man”

42-50: Joseph Jackson: “The Amorality of Preference: A Response to the Enemies of Enhancement”

51-61: PJ Manney: “Empathy in the Time of Technology: How Storytelling is the Key to Empathy”

62-66: George Dvorsky: “Better Living through Transhumanism”

67-72: Nick Bostrom: “Letter from Utopia”
Human Enhancement Technologies and Human Rights (HETHR) Special Issue (Volume 18 Issue 1)

i-vi: James Hughes: “Introduction”


1-9: Patrick Hopkins: “Is Enhancement Worthy of Being a Right?”

10-26: Fritz Allhoff: “Germ Line Genetic-Enhancement and Rawlsian Primary Goods”:

27-34: Martin Gunderson: “Enhancing Human Rights: How the Use of Human Rights Treaties to Prohibit Genetic Engineering Weakens Human Rights”

35-41: Patrick Lin and Fritz Allhoff: “Against Unrestricted Human Enhancement”

42-49: Fred Gifford: “Ethical Issues in Enhancement Research”

50-55: Aubrey de Grey: “Our Right to Life”


56-69: Gregory Fowler and Kirk Allison: “Technology and Citizenry: A Model for Public Consultation in Science Policy Formation”

70-78: Laura Colleton: “The Elusive Line Between Enhancement and Therapy and Its Effects on Health Care in the U.S.”

79-85: Anita Silvers: “The right not to be normal as the essence of freedom”

86-93: Martin Gunderson: “Genetic Engineering and the Consent of Future Persons”


94-107: Martine Rothblatt: “Are We Transbemans Yet?”

108-115: Mark Walker: “Cognitive Enhancement and the Identity Objection”

116-123: Eva Caldera: “Cognitive Enhancement and Theories of Justice: Contemplating the Malleability of Nature and Self”

124-128: Dawn Jakubowski: “Cognitive Enhancement and Liberatory Possibilities of Antidepressant Therapy”

129-142: George Dvorsky: “All Together Now: Considerations for biologically uplifting non-human animals”

interesting arm design

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Expert Group Meeting on Mainstreaming Disability in Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) policies, processes and mechanisms: Development for All

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results from the meeting and background documents here

Global Spiral Publishes Ten Defenses of Transhumanism

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here many articles of interest. First read the first issue to which the 10 respond
read here

EU Parliament approves law ensuring Internet access as a fundamental right

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see here

Just found a very interesting blog for the design people of this network

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Third International Conference on Design Principles and Practices

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For Our design stream

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Conference Organising Committee, we would like to inform you of the:

Third International Conference on Design Principles and Practices
Berlin, Germany
15-17 February 2009

This conference is a place to explore the meaning and purpose of ‘design’, as well as speaking in grounded ways about the task of design and the use of designed artifacts and processes. The conference is a cross-disciplinary forum which brings together researchers, teachers and practitioners to discuss the nature and future of design. The resulting conversations weave between the theoretical and the empirical, research and application, market pragmatics and social idealism.

In professional and disciplinary terms, the Conference traverses a broad sweep to construct a transdisciplinary dialogue which encompasses the perspectives and practices of: anthropology, architecture, art, artificial intelligence, business, cognitive science, communication studies, computer science, cultural studies, design studies, education, e-learning, engineering, ergonomics, fashion, graphic design, history, information systems, industrial design, industrial engineering, instructional design, interior design, interaction design, interface design, journalism, landscape architecture, law, linguistics and semiotics, management, media and entertainment, psychology, sociology, software engineering, technical communication, telecommunications,

As well as an impressive international line-up of main speakers, the Conference will also include numerous paper, workshop and colloquium presentations by practitioners, teachers and researchers. We would particularly like to invite you to respond to the Conference Call-for-Papers. Presenters may choose to submit written papers for publication in the fully refereed International Journal of Design Principles and Practices. If you are unable to attend the Conference in person, virtual registrations are also available which allow you to submit a paper for refereeing and possible publication, as well as access to the Journal.

Whether you are a virtual or in-person presenter at this Conference, we also encourage you to present on the Conference YouTube Channel. Please select the Online Sessions link on the conference website for further details.

The deadline for the next round in the call for papers (a title and short abstract) is 25 December 2008. Future deadlines will be announced on the Conference website after this date. Proposals are reviewed within two weeks of submission. Full details of the Conference, including an online proposal submission form, may be found at the Conference website – http://www.Design-Conference.com.

We look forward to receiving your proposal and hope you will be able to join us in Berlin in February.

Yours Sincerely,

Marianne Wagner-Simon
For the Advisory Board, International Conference on Design Principles and Practices

Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies.

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even in the topic of water and sanitation ableism plays itself out. Inquiries in this area would for example fit in the Ableism and design stream

From what others and I can see
water and sanitation needs as they relate to disabled people are missing in this report as they do from every World Water report…. (I had a column on water where I make that point)

Tilley, E. … [et al.] (2008). Compendium of sanitation systems and technologies. Dübendorf, Switzerland, Eawag/Sandec and Geneva, Switzerland, Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC). 158 p : ill. Includes references and glossary.
ISBN: 978-3-906484-44-0

Download: high resolution version