Demands On Governing New Technologies In Sports Increase

In Ableism and general human performance enhancement;, Ableism Ethics and Governance and Science and Technology governance on December 9, 2008 at 5:55 pm

Gregor excellently outlined in his article on Oscar Pitorius how new and emerging science and technology products enable the body to go beyond its species-typical boundaries and the challenges of this development for sport regulations. New developments of sports equipment or of food products constantly push the boundaries of adding human abilities or of going beyond human abilities. Performance enhancements raise governance questions : most sport activities need a special equipment but when is the line of ‘necessity’ crossed? Currently, LZR racing swimming suits that apply nanotechnology are discussed. The debate does not stop short with swimming but reaches from bowling or biking to golf.  Often, questions of justice are at the forefront of the discussions: not everybody has access to these new and expensive equipments. However, this discussion does not go far enough. What has to be questioned critically is the attitude of ‘winning at all costs’ which demands for ever increasing outcomes that again have to be supported by technological means because human beings have natural limits. Apart from that, discussions on ‘nanotechnology screening systems’ seem to be naive regarding all the problems of identifying nanoparticles and engineered nanostructures.

Article: Nano helps win gold – Clothing to experiment: Nanotech is changing the sports arena http://www.nanomagazine.co.uk/readArticle.php?id=33

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