What sort of Sports

In Ableism, Disability, Enhancement, Law and public policy, Public policy, Sports, Transhumanism on May 16, 2008 at 4:50 pm

After the Pistorius ruling the below video also seem to say

that we can all be together in sports

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  2. Okay, so Gregor, was that really an ad for a car? A fairly tenuous connection, but I guess that’s the nature of advertising?

    I think it might be positive that differently abled athletes are being held up as fishhooks for consumerist desire, if that means the standard of perfection is shifting and opening up(?)

    What are your thoughts though?

  3. Joanne,
    I think I just de-spammed your comment so therefore only now a response.
    Indeed it was an ad for a car a fairly high end car? With high performance? Not good with cars 🙂 but that might be the link to using Sarah Reinertsen. Also its her with her leg in a ‘normal leg sports event going on. I think we are in a transition phase. It started with artificial legs so bad that they could never compete on the level of the ‘normal legs’. Now they start to draw even. So they get more attention. Its more integration with the ‘normal legs’… They end up in more ads… Question now is what will happen if they start to outperform the ‘normal’ legs? I think Sports and public reaction has two options. They give them their own event in the O-lympics and all the other major events (not a separate venue separate time but same venue same time as the ‘normal leg (or whatever body part). So the ‘normal’ integrate with the bionics. Note it will not be the bionic integrating with the normal. And we get the spectators to appreciate both the achievements of the bionic and the normal. Eventually the bionic have to think about how they can ensure that the normal will not be disenfranchised. One can only hope that sports take a lead to public education and shaping of public sentiment that everyone who tries ones best should be cherished. If not eventually the normal will be disenfranchised. The spectators will what the higher performing sports and many will try to enhance oneself… leaving the ones who don’t feel bad and negatively judged.

    Other option
    the normal sports keeps the bionics separate and if that will be the line then I fear that eventually people will move over to watch the higher performing sports get themselves enhancements (the cheetah legs they might not be able to do but for other implants they could) and in the long run the normal will be disenfranchised and will get no help from the now higher performing bionic athletes to prevent that. Its simple psychology I guess If one treats another one badly when the other one is down, the other one will treat the one badly if I the other one is ahead.

    Very few can just forget their bad treatment by the ones who did it after a ‘reversal of fortune.

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